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News about Vanessa's Music, upcoming Performances, Videos and Booking Information. All about Techno, Raves & Festivals.


With great musical sensitivity and a big passion for Techno the likeable German DJ, Producer & Labelhead is providing her listeners with driving hypnotic basslines. By combining the natural beauty of raw, banging Techno which hits the pulse of the times and her little weakness to reimagine techno classics she lifts her sets to another level. With enthusiastic digging for records and a little pinch of perfectionism, she sets high demands to her mixes. The result: pulsating, dark and timeless techno from stripping back to the 90's right about the present up to the future - a well picked and unique track selection with maximum dancefloor impact. 


National and International stages are becoming her natural habitat. Playing several gigs in Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands (ADE) and Tours in India & Colombia clearly show where her journey is heading. She has already played alongside the biggest names in the Industry since she started in 2012: Klangkuenstler, 999999999, Ellen Allien, Felix Kröcher, Monika Kruse, Dr. Motte, Pascal Feos, Torsten Kanzler, Frank Lorber, Gayle San, Sam Paganini, Fatima Hajji - just to name a few. Vanessa is repeatedly booked to venues in the Berlin Club scene such as KitKat, Magdalena and the famous Techno Parades. But it’s not only Berlin where she is playing again and again. Mesmerizing lighthearted performances and a literally unique techno style already brought this Whirlwind to various stations in and far from Europe. She regularly plays the well known Clubs all over Germany like the legendary Butan Club Wuppertal, Lehmann Stuttgart, Die Rakete Nuremberg, as well as Mainstages of some of the biggest festivals in Germany, such as "Sonne Mond Sterne" (SMS).

Vanessa took the first steps in producing music in 2015 with Contests and several Remixes, but it quickly became a goal to release a record of its own. Since her first EP released on Great Stuff in 2017, Vanessa is striving to move forward, determined to take even bigger chances and going deeper into the sonic spectrum of Techno music. So 2019 started with a banger: 5 Weeks on Beatport #1 with “Lucanus Cervus” on Insectum Records. Then her four-track-EP “Unknown Signal” was released on ReWasted Records. Remixes were delivered by Ben Dust and Sebastian Groth beside two Originals. The EP reached #7 on Beatport. After a proper Release on Ushuaia Music, she dropped a Release on the Indian Label Occultech Recordings in 2020. Her new Remix "The Power" hits T78's label Autektone like a bullet at high speed in 2021.

Vanessa's label and side project “Equivalent Berlin“ went to start in 2018 with a track called “Teufelsberg“. The response to Track and Video was overwhelming. In 2019 the second Release “Kraftwerk“ and third Release “Funkturm” reached #21 & #33 on Beatport immediately. Equivalent-Tracks and Videos are related and dedicated to the german Techno capital and it's special places and areas. The young label already has a strong identity. On her own unique imprint, regularly releasing her own music, she also wants to offer a platform for other artists. With the start of 2020 Equivalent Records dropped it’s fourth release and first official label-collab: Vanessa joined forces with the well known producers Niereich and Shadym. Their common track „Unterwelten“ entered the Beatport Top Ten on position #7.

After working hard in music and many other areas of creative expression, she is constantly in motion, but also very close to her community in a very down-to-earth and charming way.

To get and stay in touch with her audience is very important to her.

It’s simply an unusual combination of a heartwarming personality and this rough, explosive sound.

Vanessa is increasing her influence to the scene and has already become a serious and independent artist. She was honored by the German magazine “FazeMag” as “Best Breakthrough Artist” in 2019.


With a constantly growing community in the back and the intention to never settle she combines the best credentials for a rising artist in Techno music.


If you like credible techno until morning, you won't be able to avoid Vanessa in 2022. Musically fearless, above and beyond the norm.

Close your eyes, open your ears, be part of her journey.


🇩🇪 Germany: Sea You Festival, Ruhr in Love, Sonne Mond Sterne Festival, Fusion Muenster,  Butan Wuppertal, Lehmann Stuttgart, Palazzo Bingen, Artheater & Elektroküche Cologne, Rakete & Hirsch Nuremberg, "Zug der Liebe" Parade Berlin, "World Peace" Parade Berlin, Gotec Karlsruhe, Hans Bunte Areal Freiburg, Roof Mainz, Fundbureau Hamburg, Tanzhaus West Frankfurt am Main, Container Love Nuremberg, Sputnik Springbreak, Harry Klein Munich, several Clubs in Berlin like KitKat, Magdalena, Osthafen, the famous RAW Beriln area, several Gigs in Erfurt, Kassel, Jena, Leipzig, Dresden, Ingolstadt, Bayreuth, Augsburg, Coburg, Regensburg, Würzburg, Lake Constance, Saarbrucken, Hamburg, Rostock, Hamm, Stralsund, Potsdam, Isle of Usedom (Baltic Sea) …


🇮🇳 India: Tour 2021 - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa

🇨🇴 Colombia: Tour 2021 - Pereira, Medellin, Bogotá

🇳🇱 Netherlands: Amsterdam Dance Event

🇧🇪 Belgium: Cul-des-sarts

🇨🇭 Switzerland: Berne, Basel, St. Gallen, Solothurn...

🇮🇹 Italy: Rome

🇭🇺 Hungary: Budapest, Baja

🇫🇷 France: Bertry, Liveset Mountains of Provence Alpes

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